Ellen Goebel works in the field of visual communication for clients in the fashion, lifestyle and luxury segment „I’m a chameleon staying true to myself but sensing and working my way into the right visual expression.” Every designer has a individual understanding of the profession. For Ellen design is about communication – telling stories. It is about creating emotions, inventing new worlds, working with both promises and desires. If you ask Ellen what comes first – the story or the design – she will propose a different perspective: The story is in the design. And the design will tell that story.

„It was not about learning how to do something, but understanding what it is really about.”

Ellen studied Fine Arts with a focus on video and film and majored in Visual Communication at Merz Academy in Stuttgart in the class of Julio Rondo. Her passion for art and drawing led her to cross ways with Tina Berning. She followed her to Berlin to become her student assistant. „2005 I discovered Tina’s work in a fashion magazine. I instantly fell in love. She is a great inspiration to me and taught me to handle my work confidently.”

In 2008 Ellen started her career as an Art Director and Designer working with Heiko Keinath for HUGO BOSS, Baldessarini, Kostas Murkudis and many more. From 2008 to 2013 she was assisting in over 60 campaigns for HUGO BOSS including Boss Black, HUGO, Boss Orange, Boss Selection, Boss Green and Kids. In that course of time she also realised projects for Buero Swiss and Buero New York – amongst them the exhibition concept for ALLES LIEBE, a retrospective on Alex Wiederin.

„Our first impressions are most often the visual impression we get on things. Before we know, how they feel, how they sound, how they smell. Creating a brand identity is directing this first impression.” In 2013 she followed the call to set up an in-house Art Department for the fashion label MARC O’POLO. She’s reinvented and refined the brand’s Corporate Identity and Corporate Design and currently leads the core graphic unit of the Creative Services in-house agency.

Her team is involved in content production on all channels and functions as a resource and consultant to brand development, design, communications and marketing as well as to the producing art directors. Ellen is responsible for the visual communication concepts of the sublines MARC O’POLO MR., PURE and DENIM.
„Alles Liebe”

Text: Johanna Wagner